SCORPIONS – Savage Amusement

Scorpions – Savage Amusement (1988, Mercury Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Don’t Stop At The Top” … 4:03
2. “Rhythm of Love” …  3:47
3. “Passion Rules The Game” …  3:58
4. “Media Overkill” … 3:32
5. “Walking On The Edge” … 5:05
6. “We Let It Rock…You Let It Roll” … 3:38
7. “Every Minute Every Day” … 4:21
8. “Love On The Run” … 3:35
9. “Believe In Love” … 5:20

Klaus Meine – Vocals
Rudolf Schenker – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Matthias Jabs – Guitar
Francis Buchholz – Bass
Herman Rarebell – Drums

Producer: Dieter Dierks

Savage Amusement is a good Scorpions album that falls in between a couple of great Scorpions albums (Blackout, Love at First Sting, and Crazy World). “Rhythm of Love” and “Passion Rules the Game” are Scorpions classics, but the rest is mostly typical 1980s slick mainstream hard rock.

Not the first Scorpions album I would go to, but good in a pinch.

Highlights: “Don’t Stop at the Top”, “Rhythm of Love”, “Passion Rules the Game”, “Media Overkill”, “We Let It Rock… You Let It Roll”


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  1. I still enjoy this one! Well worth more than six lines I reckon 😉 I’ll have to dig it out again cos I’ve got “solid 3 out of 5” in my head! Having said that, gimme “Tokyo Tapes” anyday!

  2. Hey, hey, hey… I must’ve been tired that day!

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