CIRKUS – Let the Madness Begin

Cirkus – Let the Madness Begin (2008, Cirkusmusic Records/Nightmare Records/Koch Entertainment)

Track Listing:
1. “Let the Madness Begin” … (1:09)
2. “Trashy” … (3:34)
3. “Hard Headed Woman” … (3:35)
4. “Everlong Lasting” … (6:01)
5. “Chexx Mate” … (4:23)
6. “Fuck’em N’ Flee” … (3:22)
7. “Walking Disease” … (4:35)
8. “Crazy” … (3:59)
9. “Get it On” … (3:09)

Roux’d – Lead Vocals, Backing vocals
Snetan – Guitar
Dee – Bass
Ric – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Chris Tsangarides – Hammond on “Chexx Mate”
Martin Guné – Saxophone on “Chexx Mate”

Produced by:Ric & Snetan

Upon hearing the album’s opener, “Let the Madness Begin”, I wasn’t sure what to expect: either some very weird and bad or something really cool. I got something really cool.

This is the band’s first full length album and it’s quite a release. The band comes from Sweden, but I wouldn’t put them with so many of the glam bands that are coming from that country now. This album is more rooted in hard rock ‘n’ roll of the 1980s and bluesy rock of the 1970s than glam, bringing to mind Aerosmith and the less glammy side of bands like Poison (think Native Tongue) and Motley Crue.

Oh did I say they weren’t really glammy? Well, they do a pretty mean cover of T-Rex’s “Get It On”.

Lead singer Roux’d does a good job here, seemingly channeling Vince Neil, Bret Michaels (sometimes at the same time!) and early Steven Tyler. I also love the guitar all throughout the album as well, sounds dirty, and many of these songs grabbed me upon first listen and had me making a fool of myself in my apartment.

Highlights: “Hard Headed Woman”, Everlong Lasting”, “Chexx Mix”, “Fuck’em N’ Flee”, “Walking Disease”, “Crazy”, “Get It On”


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  1. i must agree with you ,i have just gotten the album myself these guys are more like the 1970 classic rock then glam. this is true rock n roll . they remind me on Walking Disease. “Chexx Mate of Aerosmith. think the song chip away at the stone and earlier works , i love this album reminds me of my better days ,and i too were dancing around my house ,these boys have a bright future ahead ..its nice to see a band not follow a trend of everything out there just do what they feel deep inside .long live the CIRKUS bring on the bears ..

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