METALLICA – Ride the Lightning

Metallica – Ride the Lightning (1984, Elektra Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Fight Fire with Fire”… 4:45
2. “Ride the Lightning” … 6:37
3. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” … 5:10
4. “Fade to Black” … 6:57
5. “Trapped Under Ice” … 4:04
6. “Escape” … 4:24
7. “Creeping Death” … 6:36
8. “The Call of Ktulu” … 8:54

James Hetfield – Vocals, Guitar
Kirk Hammett – Guitar
Cliff Burton – Bass
Lars Ulrich – Drums

Produced by: Flemming Rasmussen & Metallica

Gotta love that cover, it’s my favorite album cover from Metallica. The logo always struck me as particularly awesome with the silver & blue.

Anyway, to the music, a lot of people say this is Metallica’s finest moment. It’s hard to argue that point. Though I personally think Master of Puppets is the best (it was my first Metallica album after all), Ride the Lightning would be a very close second.

“Ride the Lightning”, “Fade to Black”, “The Call of Ktulu”, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”… These legendary classic thrash metal songs cannot be denied! And this album would see an end to the Mustaine connection once and for all, “Ride the Lightning” and “The Call of Ktulu” are the last Metallica songs to have Dave’s name appear in the writing credites.

One of the greatest thrash metal albums ever by the greatest thrash metal band ever.

Highlights: Can’t pick just a handful. Everything is a classic.


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  1. And I agree with you about this album being completely awesome, no fillers, well maybe there is one but they all sound so good I can’t figure it out, I like this one over Master of Puppets because my favorite Metallica songs are on here, Master of Puppets has a lot of my favorites, but the album in it’s entirety isn’t everything i like, for example, damage inc. and leper messiah I don’t care for, unlike this where I care for everything.

  2. My fav Metallica Album! As well as Master of Puppets and Death Magnetic \m/\m/

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