WARRANT – The Best of Warrant

Warrant – The Best of Warrant (1996, Sony Music/Legacy Recordings)

Track Listing:
1. “Down Boys” … 4:06
2. “32 Pennies” … 3:10
3. “Heaven” … 3:57
4. “D.R.F.S.R.” … 3:18
5. “Big Talk” … 3:44
6. “Sometimes She Cries” … 4:44
7. “Cherry Pie” … 3:22
8. “Thin Disguise” … 3:14
9. “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” … 4:03
10. “I Saw Red” [Acoustic Version] … 3:46
11. “Bed Of Roses” … 3:14
12. “Mr. Rainmaker” … 3:30
13. “Sure Feels Good To Me” … 2:41
14. “Hole In My Wall” … 3:37
15. “Machine Gun” … 3:45
16. “We Will Rock You” … 2:56

For many bands, I always made my point of entry to be “greatest hits” or “best of” compilations just to go with the more familiar songs and decide if their catalog would be worth diving into. So, this best of comp was my very first Warrant album.

The Best of Warrant is only a retrospective of their first three albums (all from Columbia Records). By the time of this album’s release, they had already been dropped from Columbia and found their way onto the CMC International label. They had already released an album there by the time Sony decided to cash-in with this compilation in the middle of the alternative rock scene. Why did so many hair band “greatest hits” get released during a time when no one wanted to have *anything* to do with those bands?

It’s a pretty great compilation and for casual fans, it’s all they would need. There’s definitely some songs I feel should be counted amongst their “best” though (“Love in Stereo”, the album version of “I Saw Red”, “April 2031”, “Let it Rain”). The album is especially light on the band’s third and least successful Columbia album, Dog Eat Dog.

The band’s cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” is taken from 1992’s Gladiator soundtrack and “Thin Disguise” and the acoustic version of “I Saw Red” were both B-sides to singles. The acoustic “I Saw Red” pales in comparison to the electric version that was on Cherry Pie.


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