ALICE COOPER – Dirty Diamonds

Alice Cooper – Dirty Diamonds (2005, New West Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Woman Of Mass Distraction” … 4:00
2. “Perfect” … 3:30
3. “You Make Me Wanna” … 3:31
4. “Dirty Diamonds” … 4:03
5. “The Saga Of Jesse Jane” … 4:16
6. “Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies)” … 3:28
7. “Pretty Ballerina” … 3:02
8. “Run Down The Devil” … 3:29
9. “Steal That Car” … 3:17
10. “Six Hours” … 3:25
11. “Your Own Worst Enemy” … 2:15
12. “Zombie Dance” … 4:23
13. “Stand” [w/ Xzibit] … 4:05

Alice Cooper – Vocals, Harmonica
Ryan Roxie – Guitar
Damon Johnson – Guitar
Chuck Garric – Bass
Tommy Clufetos – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Xzibit – Rap on “Stand”

Produced by: Steve Lindsey

God bless Alice. He keeps crankin’ ’em out on a steady basis and it’s always a solid showing. “Solid” is definitely the word here as this is a continuation of the more garage rock “back to roots” effort that was 2002’s The Eyes of Alice Cooper. There are a few more curve balls tossed in this time though.

I’ve made it no secret that I’m not a fan of garage rock, even if it is part of Alice’s roots. Eyes, this album and 2008’s Along Came a Spider are pretty much along the same vein and while all are good, I don’t find them to be amongst his best albums and each one took me some time to get into (The Eyes of Alice Cooper being the best of the bunch, IMO).

Dirty Diamonds particularly is loaded with filler, though there are some classic Alice moments such as the rockin’ “Dirty Diamonds” (a song I swore would be awesome if done live with a gangster/thief set up, and sure enough, Alice did just that) and the trademark Alice humor with the Johnny Cash-impersonation “The Saga of Jesse Jane”.

“Stand” is a “bonus track” and really seems out of place here sound like a much more modern rap rock song and featuring rapper Xzibit. It was originally released on the 2004 Olympics soundtrack. I quite like it though. Just doesn’t fit the sound of the rest of the album and it’s inclusion was an obvious attempt to get a few more sales (from hip hop, fans?).

Highlights: “Woman of Mass Distraction”, “Perfect”, “Dirty Diamonds”, “The Saga of Jesse Jane”, “Pretty Ballerina”, “Stand”

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  1. A great Cooper album but far from his best.
    The tittle song is awesome.
    3-4 ballads in one AC album? c’mon, that’s not right!
    same for the humor songs, we know Cooper have a great sense of humor but it’s just not what we were waiting for (and I fucking loved The Eyes Of).

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