ALICE COOPER – Classicks

Alice Cooper – Classicks (1995, Epic Records)

Track Lisiting:
1. “Poison” … 4:29
2. “Hey Stoopid” … 4:32
3. “Feed My Frankenstein” … 4:44
4. “Love’s A Loaded Gun” … 4:10
5. “Stolen Prayer” … 5:35
6. “House Of Fire” … 3:45
7. “Lost In America” … 3:52
8. “It’s Me” … 4:37
9. “Under My Wheels” [live] … 3:40
10. “Billion Dollar Babies” [live] … 3:36
11. “I’m Eighteen” [live] … 4:34
12. “No More Mr. Nice Guy” [live] … 3:10
13. “Only Women Bleed” [live] … 4:06
14. “School’s Out” [live] … 3:46
15. “Fire” … 3:01

Another in a long line of Cooper compilations, this one is reflective of his Epic era (Trash, Hey Stoopid, and The Last Temptation) and I absolutely love the title of this album. Pure Alice.

The second half of the album are live performances taken from Alice’s Trashes the World video and probably used here to get a few more buys from Alice fans as an attempt to help make up for the fact that Trash was really the only commercial success for Alice on the Epic label.

I really enjoyed all three Epic albums though, there’s tons of strong material there so I’m disappointed most of those songs were ignored in favor of the usual cuts that make Alice best-ofs (even if these versions are live).

“Fire” is a cover of the Jimi Hendrix song. Doesn’t do much for me, but then again, neither does Hendrix. All told, it’s a decent intro to a certain time in Alice’s career, but the albums themselves are a better place to look.


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