IRON MAIDEN – Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden [Enhanced Edition] (1998, Sanctuary Records/Metal-Is Records)
Original Release: 1980, Capitol Records

Track Listing:
1. “Prowler” … 3:53
2. “Sanctuary” … 3:13
3. “Remember Tomorrow” … 5:28
4. “Running Free” … 3:16
5. “Phantom of the Opera” … 7:07
6. “Transylvania” [instrumental] … 4:06
7. “Strange World” … 5:42
8. “Charlotte the Harlot” … 4:12
9. “Iron Maiden” … 3:36

Paul Di’Anno – Lead Vocals
Dave Murray – Guitar
Dennis Stratton – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Steve Harris – Bass, Backing Vocals
Clive Burr – Drums

Produced by: Will Malone

Years ago, I went nuts and snatched up *most* of Maiden’s albums, specifically the 1998 enhanced versions. Before Bruce Dickinson, there was Paul Di’Anno, who brings something totally different to the table than Bruce’s flying vocals do. Paul’s voice is rougher and gritty and it fits the heavy metal played here, which is more punk-influenced than the band’s later progressive sounds.

Bruce is THE Maiden singer, but Paul does a fine job and this is still a classic in Maiden’s catalog.

The enhanced version features some cool stuff once you pop it in your PC: music videos, album art, lyrics, tour dates for the specific album… All kinds of neat stuff.

Highlights: “Prowler”, “Remember Tomorrow”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Transylvania”, “Charlotte the Harlot”

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