KISS – Gene Simmons

KISS – Gene Simmons [Remastered] (1997, Mercury Records/Casablanca Records)
Original Release: 1978, Casablanca Records

Track Listing:
1. “Radioactive” … 3:51
2. “Burning up with Fever” … 4:22
3. “See You Tonight” … 2:28
4. “Tunnel of Love” … 3:53
5. “True Confessions” … 3:30
6. “Living in Sin” … 3:51
7. “Always Near You/Nowhere to Hide” … 4:12
8. “Man of 1,000 Faces” … 3:17
9. “Mr. Make Believe” … 4:02
10. “See You in Your Dreams” … 2:49
11. “When You Wish Upon a Star” … 2:43

Gene Simmons – Vocals, Guitar
Elliot Randall – Guitar
Neil Jason – Bass
Allen Schwartzberg – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Tons of guest spots ranging from Cher to Joe Perry to Bob Seger to Donna Summer

Produced by: Sean Delaney & Gene Simmons

Wow, such a departure from the KISS sound. Being Gene, you’d think he would’ve played it safe with the fans and their money (as Paul did) by trying to do a KISS-sounding album on his own, but he didn’t. Gotta give Gene credit for that.

I hated this album when I first bought it. The God of Thunder doesn’t do much bolt throwing at all, some songs are lot more Beatle-esque pop rock than hard rock, but it’s grown on me over time. Paul & Ace’s albums are the best, but this is a respectable outing, even if there are more hits than misses. Gene can write really great rock songs when he wants to (“Radioactive” is the stand out here), bu he’s goes all over the place with genres on his solo albums and the quality suffers greatly for it.

The biggest oddity of the bunch is Gene’s cover of “When You Wish Upon a Star”. BUT… He does a great job on it and has explained in the past that the song has a lot of personal sentiment for him.

Highlights: “Radioactive”, “Burning Up With Fever”, “See You Tonite”, “See You In Your Dreams”, “When You WIsh Upon a Star”

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