DANGER – First Touch

Danger – First Touch (2008, Self-financed EP)

Track Listing:
1. “First Touch” … 3:11
2. “Miss Money” … 3:00
3. “Hey You” … 3:23
4. “California Red” … 2:48
5. “Shove It”… 3:25
6. “On The Run” [Bonus Track] … 3:36

Jesse Kid – Vocals
Rob Paris – Guitar
Togge Rock – Bass
Danny Crash – Drums

I actually first heard of this band thanks to Hard Rock Hideout, sampled some of their music online, and now, here I am with with their 2008 EP in my hands.

And an enjoyable EP it is from these Swedish glam/sleaze rockers. Why is it all the glam bands are coming from Sweden? Must be something in the water because Danger joins the ranks of the new wave of glam & sleaze alongside other fine Swedish bands such as Crashdiet and Vains of Jenna.

The first thing I have to say is that Jesse Kid’s vocals are just perfect for this kind of music as he delivers a sleazy, sneering, and snotty performance on each track.

As for songs, “On The Run” is the standout for me, so simple and so catchy. “First Touch” is a great opener to set the tone and give you an idea what the band is all about. And how ’bout that cover? Now THAT is a great album cover!

The band has been around since 2003, but only took up the glam/sleaze sound in 2006 (previously playing heavy metal with a few different members) and have yet to release a full studio release. I hope this is only but a taste of things to come because the band has a lot of potential and promise.

Worth tracking down because this EP would not sound out of place in anyone’s 80s glam/sleaze collection… and that’s a good thing.

Highlights: “First Touch”, “California Red”, “Shove It”, “On The Run”



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  1. Wherre can I buy this E.P. on line that will ship to Canada? I have been a fan of these guys since I discovered them through myspace 6 months ago, and so far I downloaded the 8 tunes they have available on their website but!!! I really would like the tangiable item in my grubby paws so if anyhone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
    from a Glam Sleeze Hollywood Trash Rock obsessed fan! LOL!

  2. Will their website not ship to Canada?


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