OZZY OSBOURNE – Blizzard of Ozz

Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Ozz (1981, Epic Records; 1995, Sony/Epic Records)

Track Listing:
1. “I Don’t Know” … 5:11
2. “Crazy Train” … 4:49
3. “Goodbye to Romance” … 5:32
4. “Dee” [instrumental] … 0:50
5. “Suicide Solution” … 4:17
6. “Mr. Crowley” … 4:55
7. “No Bone Movies” … 3:53
8. “Revelation (Mother Earth)” … 6:10
9. “Steal Away (the Night)” … 3:28

Ozzy Osbourne – Lead Vocals
Randy Rhoads – Guitar
Bob Daisley – Bass, Gong, Backing Vocals
Lee Kerslake – Drums, Bells, Timpani

Additional Musicians:
Don Airey – Keyboards
Rudy Sarzo – Bass

Produced by: Ozzy Osbourne

I think a big issue with my lack of enthusiasm over this album is that a) I was just a few months short of being born when it was released (thus missing out on early 80s Ozzymania) and b) these songs have been played to death on radio.

Some albums can lose their impact after you’ve heard them a million times (before you even get the album) and that’s what is happened with me, I think. I didn’t get my hands on this album (picking up Diary of a Madman as well) until a few years ago during one of my BMG Music raids. And even then, I only picked’em up because I had gotten pretty much everything else and I wanted to a least own an Ozzy album so I could know whether I was truly nonplussed by him or not.

Granted, taking a step back from familiarity, these *are * really good songs with “Mr. Crowley” being my fave and the most sinister sounding on the album with some terrific guitar work from Randy Rhoads. “Goodbye to Romance” is another personal favorite, it’s a keyboardy (new word!) ballad that falls into the “so cheesy it’s good” category.

While the songs are top notch, to this day, I still am not a fan of Ozzy’s voice. By the way, I own the 1995 reissue and shame on Sony for shrinking the album’s original cover and putting a lame new border around it. >=(

Highlights: “Crazy Train”, “Goodbye to Romance”, “Mr. Crowley”, “No Bone Movies”, Revelation (Mother Earth)”


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