ICED EARTH – Horror Show

Iced Earth – Horror Show (2001, Century Media Records)

Track Listing:

1. “Wolf” … 5:19
2. “Damien” … 9:11
3. “Jack” … 4:14
4. “Ghost of Freedom” … 5:11
5. “Im-Ho-Tep (Pharaoh’s Curse)” … 4:45
6. “Jeckyl & Hyde” … 4:39
7. “Dragon’s Child” … 4:19
8. “Frankenstein” … 3:50
9. “Dracula” … 5:53
10. “The Phantom Opera Ghost” … 8:41

1. “Transylvania” … 4:23
2. Jon Shaeffer Interview … 69:27

Matt Barlow – Lead Vocals
Larry Tarnowski – Guitar
Jon Schaffer – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Mandolin, Keys
Steve DiGiorgio – Bass
Richard Christy – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Yunhui Percifield – Lead Vocal in “The Phantom Opera Ghost” as “Christine”, Backing Vocals
Richie Wilkison – Backing Vocals
Rafaela Farias – Backing Vocals
Sam King – Backing Vocals
Jim Morris – Backing Vocals, Keys, Guitar (“Ghost of Freedom”)
Howard Helm – Keys (“The Phantom Opera Ghost”)

Produced by: Jim Morris & Jon Shaffer

This, the second Iced Earth album I ever picked up, was the one I was most excited about. An album about all kinds of monsters? Dracula, Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper, the Mummy..? Awesome!

Sadly, this was just another disappointing Iced Earth purchase for me. I don’t hate the band, I just think they’re fairly bland and were/are definitely hampered by Matt Barlow’s vocals.

Funny enough, my favorite song from the album is the one song that doesn’t even fit the horror theme– “Ghost of Freedom”, which is more of a patriotic song (released just a few months before 9/11). It’s an odd choice to put on *this* album, even with a “Ghost” title. I guess the guys just couldn’t wait to release it!

A GREAT concept, just not the right band to pull it off. Maybe Mr. Alice Cooper would like to take a stab at it someday?

Highlights: “”Wolf”, “Jack”, “Ghost of Freedom”, “Transylvania”

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  1. Y’know . . . I couldn’t agree with you more. I picked up Dark Saga and thought it was a pretty solid album. Like you, I picked up Horror Show thinking, “Right on. Great concept, now kick my ass!” I was disappointed and I tried a lot harder, and spent a whole lot more time giving it a chance than I would any album since. I remember “Damien” being a rockin’ track, but the rest is lost on my already faulty memory.

    Pope JTE
    The Ripple Effect

  2. A word of advice: Never pick up an album that the band has publicly admitted they recorded to get out of a contract.

    I think “Ghost of Freedom” was a great song, but the rest of the CD blows.

  3. 😀

    Is that what happened?

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