TESLA – Into the Now

Tesla – Into the Now (2004, Sanctuary Records)

Track Listing:
1.  “Into the Now” … 4:25
2.  “Look @ Me” … 4:16
3.  “What a Shame” … 4:29
4.  “Heaven Nine Eleven” … 4:38
5.  “Words Can’t Explain” … 3:14
6.  “Caught in a Dream” … 4:50
7.  “Miles Away” … 6:55
8.  “Mighty Mouse” … 4:14
9.  “Got No Glory” … 4:19
10.  “Come to Me” … 4:43
11.  “Recognize” … 5:00
12.  “Only You” … 4:33

Jeff Keith – Lead Vocals
Tommy Skeoch – Guitar
Frank Hannon – Guitar
Brian Wheat – Bass
Troy Luccketta – Drums

Produced by: Michael Rosen & Tesla; Roger Sommers & Tesla (“Only You” only)

Tesla came back roaring with this album sounding modern yet still sounding like Tesla. Though I have to admit, when their single “Caught in a Dream” hit radio, I originally thought, “Aerosmith has a new album coming out ?!”

Apparently, many others did as well because I remember the local rock station mentioning that people kept calling to request “that new Aerosmith song”. =D

Tesla has perfectly blended modern hard rock with their signature sound with songs like “Into the New” and “What a Shame”. And what a shame, indeed, that this album went relatively unnoticed. The album is very well-balanced with great ballads (“Caught in a Dream”, “Words Can’t Explain”, “Come to Me”, “Only You”) and wonderful heavy rockers (“Mighty Mouse”, “Got No Glory”, “Look @ Me”) and even manages to blend both with the awesome “Miles Away”.

A must have for Tesla fans as the band successfully proved themselves as more than just a good “80s band”… They’re a good rock band, period.

Highlights: Not a single filler track at all. One of 2004’s best releases and possibly Tesla’s best, for my money.



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