BUCKCHERRY – Black Butterfly

Buckcherry – Black Butterfly (2008, Atlantic Records/Eleven Seven Music)

Track Listing:
1. “Rescue Me” … 3:12
2. “Tired of You” … 3:07
3. “Too Drunk…” … 4:02
4. “Dreams” … 3:51
5. “Talk To Me” … 3:28
6. “Child Called ‘It'” … 2:55
7. “Don’t Go Away” … 3:49
8. “Fallout” … 3:36
9. “Rose” … 3:53
10. “All of Me” … 3:45
11. “Imminent Bail Out” … 3:11
12. “Cream” … 3:34

Josh Todd – Lead Vocals
Keith Nelson – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Stevie D. – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jimmy Ashhurt – Bass, Mandolin, Backing Vocals
Xavier Muriel – Drums, Backing Vocals

Produced by: Keith Nelson & Marti Fredericksen

I bought this album the day it was released, but prior to that, I was surfing the net checking reviews on it. A place I frequently visit, AllMusicGuide, gave it one and half stars out of five. Ouch. Other sites are claiming it’s pedestrian and some giving as much praise to say it’s “okay”. Wow. I don’t get that at all here.

This album rocks! I dare say it’s Buckcherry’s best. I was there at the ground floor with their debut and that was good, but nearly half the album was filler, IMO. Time Bomb I skipped out on due to poor reviews and then I came back with 15, which like their debut, was solid but nothing special outside of a few great songs, I thought.

So here we see the band’s fourth release and I think this is their most well-rounded album yet. The first three tracks are a great punch full of rock (with the funky “Too Drunk…” being this album’s “Crazy Bitch”) and the fourth track “Dreams” features the band mellowing out, just a bit, to talk about love.

You can definitely say there’s a 15-like format as far as the singles go, with the aforementioned “Too Drunk…” and a wannabe “Sorry” called “Don’t Go Away”, but so what? The songs are strong. Songs like “All of Me” show a different and maturing sound of Buckcherry and that’s cool. There’s really not a whole lot of filler here at all and I imagine I’ll be playing this one for sometime to come.

Fun Fact: The band played “Too Drunk…” and “Tired of You” (and sounded great doing them) during their setlist at the Detroit CrueFest show I went to back in July. 🙂

Hightlights: “Rescue Me”, “Too Drunk…”, “Tired of You”, “Dreams”, “Talk to Me”, “Don’t Go Away”, “All of Me”, “Cream”


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  1. I could not disagree with you more. I looked around a bit and it seems like a few people love this album (usually the hard core fans), some absolutely hate it, but most find it pretty blah. The first time I heard ‘Too Drunk’, I actually said, “Are you KIDDING me?’ out loud. In my opinion, these guys are riding on 15 and in serious danger of becoming caricatures of themselves. I loved their first CD and really wanted this one blow my socks off.

  2. I’m certainly not a “hardcore” Buckcherry fan. I like their look & attitude more than anything else, but as I said, as a whole, I never thought their albums were anything special though they all had good songs.

    I figured I would be in the minority with liking this one. 😛 No one is really raving about it (except me, apparently)!

    Going by sales estimates for this album’s debut, I’m guessing ’15’ was kind of a fluke success for the band. I hope this time, it won’t deter them from staying together like ‘Time Bomb’ flopping did though.

  3. only been into buckcherry for about 3 years, they have the fuck you attitude, this album is great really gets me pumped up. If only more bands would play this style of sleaze, this is the sound i grew up with and proberbly the sound i will die with. Amazing release their best yet.

  4. Welcome to the club, Eddie! Me, you and Buckcherry against the world! 😉

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