MEGADETH – Hidden Treasures

Megadeth – Hidden Treasures (1995, Capitol Records)

Track Listing:
1. “No More Mr. Nice Guy” … 3:02 [from the Shocker soundtrack]
2. “Breakpoint” … 3:29 [from the Super Mario Bros. soundtrack]
3. “Go to Hell” … 4:36 [from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey soundtrack]
4. “Angry Again” … 3:47 [from the Last Action Hero soundtrack]
5. “99 Ways to Die” … 3:58 [from The Beavis and Butt-head Experience compilation]
6. “Paranoid” … 2:32 [from Nativity in Black: A Tribute to Black Sabbath compilation]
7. “Diadems” … 3:56 [from Tales from the Crypt Presents Demon Knight soundtrack]
8. “Problems” … 3:57 [from the “A Tout le Monde” promo]

Dave Mustaine – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Marty Friedman – Guitar, Backing vocals
David Ellefson – Bass, Backing vocals
Nick Menza – Drums

Produced by: Max Norman, Dave Mustaine, and Desmond Child (“No More Mr. Nice Guy”)

I found this one at a pawn shop about 10 years ago when I went around town to various pawn shops like a mad man trying to score some great metal finds. I think I may have picked it up for around $4.
This is a compilation of songs taken from soundtracks and *other* compilations. It’s pretty good too, most of the tracks shine. “Diadems” is good plodding song and “Angry Again” and “99 Ways to Die” are good Countdown to Extinction sounding tunes. Even the Super Mario Bros. song rocks!
The album was well worth the few dollars I laid down as it’s nice to have all of Megadeth’s non-album tunes in one spot. Though I own the original pressing, there’s been one re-issue and a “limited edition” since that include a few demos and “A Tout le Monde”.
“No More Mr. Nice Guy” is, obviously a cover of Alice Cooper’s song, but yet “Go to Hell” is a Megadeth original and NOT the Alice Cooper song. “Problems” is a Sex Pistol cover.

Highlights: “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “Breakpoint”, “Go to Hell”, “Angry Again”, “99 Ways to Die”, “Diadems”


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  1. I agree this is a very good album.

  2. The band… or me? Either way, this is an accurate statement.

  3. I highly recommend the “go to hell” album (bill & ted’s bogus journey). It’s a really good snapshot of hair-metal circa 1991.

    • I have the “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey” OST and also the “Shocker” OST…which is where Megadeth’s remake of Alice’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” first appeared. And I have the “Last Action Hero” OST (which is a great soundtrack) which has “Angry Again”

      I have “Hidden Treasures”…but I already owned most of these songs on their original albums.

      Anyways…I replied to your comment on my blog:


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