GUNS N’ ROSES – Use Your Illusion II

Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion II (1991, Geffen Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Civil War” … 7:43
2. “14 Years” … 4:21
3. “Yesterdays” … 3:16
4. “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” … 5:36
5. “Get in the Ring” … 5:41
6. “Shotgun Blues” … 3:23
7. “Breakdown” … 7:05
8. “Pretty Tied Up” … 4:48
9. “Locomotive” … 8:42
10. “So Fine” … 4:06
11. “Estranged” … 9:24
12. “You Could Be Mine” … 5:44
13. “Don’t Cry” [Alternate Version] … 4:44
14. “My World” … 1:24

Axl Rose – Vocals, Piano
Slash – Guitar
Izzy Stradlin – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals
Duff McKagan – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dizzy Reed – Keyboards, Organ, Piano, Backing Vocals
Matt Sorum – Drums

Additional Notable Musicians:
Steven Adler – Drums (“Civil War”)
Shannon Hoon – Vocals (“Don’t Cry”)

Produced by: Mike Clink & Guns N’ Roses

I think this album is much, much stronger than UYI I. The songs are solid all over and bit more serious and melodic, whereas the UYI I was the more angry, louder, less focused album.

“Estranged” nearly matches the epic “November Rain”. I remember when I first heard it, it was playing in the background at a friend’s house as we were playing video games. I initially thought it was two different songs (liking them both). At one point I said to my friend, “Is this the same song?!” “YUP!”

Though the Illusion sessions show GNR in a different light, they managed to crank out a few good rockers like the Appetite-esque “You Could Be Mine”, “Pretty Tied Up” and “Locomotive”. “So Fine” is a great ballad by Duff.

The inclusion of “Don’t Cry” (this time with some different lyrics) is a bit odd. It’s neither better nor worse than the original version, I don’t see the point of including it. Something like that would’ve been better saved for a b-side or a compilation.

The album’s closer, “My World”, stuck out like a sore thumb to me and my friend. We used to play it and laugh at how much it “sucked” and didn’t sound like GNR, I actually like it today though. At the time, I couldn’t understand why they would put this song on the album until a few years later when I discovered Axl was getting heavily into industrial acts like Nine Inch Nails long before anyone else was. It would be a sign of things to come…

Highlights: “Civil War”, “14 Years”, “Yesterdays”, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”, “Breakdown”, “Pretty Tied Up”, “Locomotive”, “So Fine”, “Estranged”, “You Could Be Mine”, “Don’t Cry”


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  1. Axl Rose was a genious with music and will be missed. His music will keep their vision alive.

    If interested, we have autographed Guns n Roses Guitars Check it out.

  2. Nice guitars, Spotlight! If I had the spare $999 laying around I’d definitely pick up the one of the KISS guitars. 😉

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