GUNS N’ ROSES – Appetite for Destruction

Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction (1987, Geffen Records)

Track Listing:
1.  “Welcome to the Jungle” … 4:32
2.  “It’s So Easy” … 3:21
3.  “Nightrain” … 4:26
4.  “Out Ta Get Me” … 4:20
5.  “Mr. Brownstone” … 3:46
6.  “Paradise City” … 6:45
7.  “My Michelle” … 3:38
8.  “Think About You” … 3:49
9.  “Sweet Child O’ Mine” … 5:54
10.  “You’re Crazy” … 3:16
11.  “Anything Goes” … 3:25
12.  “Rocket Queen” … 6:14

Axl Rose – Vocals
Slash – Guitar
Izzy Stradlin – Guitar
Duff McKagan – Bass
Steven Adler – Drums

Produced by: Mike Clink

The album that set loose Axl and his band of decadent men upon the world! What a classic. Has there ever been a better debut album?

It was pretty hard to ignore massive MTV & radio hits like “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, “Paradise City” and “Welcome the the Jungle” when they first were released, but I wasn’t exposed to the whole album until (*GASP*) 1997 or so when a friend gave me his old cassette because he had just bought it on CD. I used to play it every day on my walk home from high school in my cassette player (yes, CASSETTE PLAYER).

Of course, the album is so amazingly awesome, in little time I bought the CD myself. I actually played it so much I got sick of the album for awhile and then while playing it while out cruising with my best friend a few years back, I fell in love with it again. Although GNR has done tons of great things since (and continues to do so with Axl only, IMO), they’ve never done anything as consistent or as balanced as Appetite.

ESSENTIAL for any rock ‘n’ roll fan.

Highlights: It’s freakin’ Appetite for Destruction. It’s nothing BUT highlights.

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