JOURNEY – Revelation

Journey – Revelation (2008, Nomota LLC)

Track Listing:


1.  “Never Walk Away” … 4:19
2.  “Like a Sunshower” … 4:29
3.  “Change for the Better” … 5:52
4.  “Wildest Dream” … 5:02
5.  “Faith in the Heartland” … 6:18
6.  “After All These Years” … 4:10
7.  “Where Did I Lose Your Love” … 5:02
8.  “What I Needed” … 5:28
9.  “What It Takes to Win” … 5:23
10.  “Turn Down the World Tonight” … 4:56
11.  “The Journey (Revelation)” … 5:25


1.  “Only the Young” … 4:14
2.  “Don’t Stop Believin'” … 4:55
3.  “Wheel in the Sky” … 5:01
4.  “Faithfully” Cain 4:47
5.  “Any Way You Want It” … 3:25
6.  “Who’s Crying Now” … 5:16
7.  “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” … 5:27
8.  “Lights” … 3:16
9.  “Open Arms” … 3:22
10.  “Be Good to Yourself” … 4:29
11.  “Stone in Love” … 4:27

Live In Concert DVD:

1.  “Sky Light”
2.  “Any Way You Want It”
3.  “Wheel in the Sky”
4.  “Lights”
5.  “After All These Years”
6.  “Never Walk Away”
7.  “Open Arms (Prelude)”
8.  “Open Arms”
9.  “Mother Father”
10.  “Wildest Dream”
11.  “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”
12.  “Faithfully”
13.  “Don’t Stop Believin'”
14.  “Be Good to Yourself”

Arnel Pineda – Lead Vocals
Neal Schon – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ross Valory – Bass, Backing Vocals
Jonathan Cain – Keyboard, Backing Vocals
Deen Castronovo – Drums, Vocals

Produced by: Kevin Shirley

I’ve never been a huge fan of Journey. They definitely have some great songs, but from the few albums I own, I couldn’t get into them. I last tried Journey with Arrival, Steve Augeri’s first album with the band. It was okay, but nothing special, so I didn’t bother with their next release. I think, in general, Augeri’s time with the band was considered fine, but to write home about.

Well, Augeri is gone, Jeff Scott Soto is gone (he never even got the chance to record with’em!) and here comes the man who I believe is the true successor to Steve Perry… Arnel Pineda!

The buzz surrounding this album was strong, as were the sales for it at Wal-Mart (debuted #5 on Billboard, 100,000+ sold in the first week), where it was an exclusive release in the U.S. So… I FINALLY broke down and gave this album a shot after debating for awhile about buying it.

The verdict is that this is a great album. As I said, I’m not a huge Journey fan, I don’t know how hardcore Journey fans would compare this to the Perry years, but Arnel’s sweeping vocals rival that of Steve’s and the music is just great all around. This is a re-energized sounding Journey and I don’t think any of these songs would sound out of place on a Journey album in the early 80s. Journey never really stopped sounding like Journey, but with Revelation, they actually do it while pulling out tons of quality songs.

“Never Walk Away” is a great tune and the album’s first single, it’s definitely Journey but the beginning reminds me of Van Halen as well. Definitely the rocker of the album. “Faith in the Heartland” is great track and was actually on Generations, the band’s (and Augeri’s) last album. I don’t know why it was re-recorded or how it compares to the original, but I love this song. “Where Did I Lose Your Love” is a classic Journey song that would (and should) feel right at home in the middle of the band’s live setlist. “What It Takes to Win” has a bit of a modern vibe to it, while still sounding very much like Journey. “The Journey (Revelation)” is a great closing instrumental showing off Neal Schon’s abilities.

And if there was any doubt about what Arnel could do, Disc 2 is re-recordings of some of the band’s biggest hits and Arnel absolutely nails every single one of’em. Not sure why they would do the re-recordings though. My guess is maybe this helps the band better financially when Hollywood & commercials want to license their songs (so they won’t have to give Perry a cut for singing on the songs). All the songs here were great in original form and are just as good here. Though it was unncessary, Disc 2 still makes for great extras.

FINALLY, also included is a DVD called Live In Concert. So you’ve got 22 songs (half classics & half brand new) plus a concert DVD and makes this an amazing release and one of my favorite albums of 2008.

Highlights: “Never Walk Away”, “Like a Sunshower”, “Faith in the Heartland”, “After All These Years”, “Where Did I Lose Your Love”, “What I Needed”, “What It Takes to Win”, “The Journey (Revelation)”


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  1. Superb record… of the best released in 2008. I reviewed the album when it came out:

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  2. Yep, I know you did. I purposely avoided re-reading it until I did my own post. 😉

  3. monette alcantara

    Spectacular Album of the Year!

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