MARVELOUS 3 – ReadySexGo

Marvelous 3 – ReadySexGo (2000, Elektra Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Little Head” … 3:19
2. “Grant Park” … 3:42
3. “Get Over” … 3:57
4. “Sugarbuzz” … 3:40
5. “Supernatural Blonde” … 3:11
6. “Radio Tokyo” … 5:14
7. “Cold as Hell” … 3:10
8. “Beautiful” … 4:04
9. “I’m Losing You” … 3:18
10. “This Time” … 3:13
11. “Better off Alone” … 2:46
12. “I Could Change” … 3:29
13. “Cigarette Lighter Love Song” … 5:06
14. [Credits] … 10:00

Butch Walker – Vocals, Guitar
Jayce Fincher – Bass
Doug Mitchell (aka – Mitch “Slug” McLee) – Drums

Produced by: Butch Walker

The third and final album from the awesome Marvelous 3 (all three members were former members of the hair band SouthGang). Despite having a hit in ’99, with “Freak of the Week”, I had never heard of the band until this album was about to come out and Metal Sludge was hyping it up and did an interview with Butch Walker. I picked it up and it instantly became one of my favorite albums and still is. Everything song is a great sing-along anthem and why this album didn’t go platinum 7x over and Marvelous 3 aren’t still together is a reflection on just how screwed up the music industry has been for the past decade (or more). Sadly, even with the solid buzz of their previous album, Hey! Album, ReadySexGo only managed to scrape the bottom of the Billboard 200 peaking at #196. >=(

The lyrics are absolutely great, very witty and funny. A great play on words throughout and Butch Walker wrote the whole album by himself, except for “Cigarette Lighter Love Song”, which he co-wrote with David Bowie. Every song is extremely catchy, perfect for radio, and a great blend of hard rock, hair/glam metal, pop, and punk pop.

Even though I believe (as does the band) that Elektra dropped the ball with this release, I think “Sugar Buzz” was a poor choice as a lead single. Even though it’s good, it’s actually the lesser of all the songs here. I do remember it receiving a bit of airplay on the local rock station though… for about a week. The band broke up less than a year after this album’s release.

At the end of “Radio Tokyo”, there’s a great phone message from Nikki Sixx to the band… “Fuck! Your fucking band is bad-ass. Call me! Fuck! I’m blown away, man. That second song knocked my dick in the dirt. Bye.” =D

Butch has gone on to be a successful producer/songwriter for other artists such as Avril Lavigne, Bowling for Soup, Pink, Lindsay Lohan, Simple Plan, Sevendust, The Donnas, Pete Yorn, The Academy Is…, American Hi-Fi, All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy and SR-71. He also releases albums under his own name.

Highlights: “Grant Park”, “Get Over”, “Radio Tokyo”, “Cold As Hell”, “Beautiful”, “I’m Losing You”, “Better off Alone”, “Cigarette Lighter Love Song” (Inactive fan site, but the best I could find!)


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  1. Was never a fan but I have read good things about this album. I just saw this in a 99 cent bin last week, maybe I should go and grab it!

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  2. Wow. .99 cents!? GET IT! What have you got to lose?

    I really like their other two, but this is by far my favorite.

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