OVER THE TOP – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Over The Top – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1987, Columbia Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Winner Takes It All” (Sammy Hagar) … 3:58
2. “In This Country” (Robin Zander) … 4:22
3. “Take It Higher” (Larry Greene) … 3:53
4. “All I Need Is You” (Big Trouble) … 3:57
5. “Bad Nite” (Frank Stallone) … 3:05
6. “Meet Me Half Way” (Kenny Loggins) … 3:39
7. “Gypsy Soul” (Asia) … 3:30
8. “The Fight” (Giorgio Moroder) … 3:56
9. “Mind over Matter” (Larry Greene) … 3:11
10. “I Will Be Strong” (Eddie Money) … 3:18

Produced by: Giorgio Moroder

Enjoyable movie but standard 80s rock/pop soundtrack fare outside of Hagar’s “Winner Takes It All” (which features Edward Van Halen on guitar AND bass). Good song and I hear it just about every night at work.

Sly’s bro, Frank, gets a slot on the soundtrack as well. Hmm… I wonder why?

Highlights: “Winner Takes It All”, “In This Country”, “Meet Me Half Way”


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  1. I always liked this soundtrack, specialy because the song WINNER TAKES IT ALL. It reminds me of H.S.A.S “THROUGH THE FIRE” album.

  2. Asided from the Sammy song there’s not much here. Frank Stallone made it on almost every movie soundtrack that Sly starred in, nepotism at its best…..and worst!

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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