ALICE COOPER – Along Came a Spider

Alice Cooper – Along Came a Spider (2008, Steamhammer Records/SPV Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Prologue/I Know Where You Live” … 4:21
2. “Vengeance Is Mine” … 4:26
3. “Wake the Dead” … 3:53
4. “Catch Me If You Can” … 3:15
5. “(In Touch With) Your Feminine Side” … 3:16
6. “Wrapped in Silk” … 4:16
7. “Killed by Love” … 3:34
8. “I’m Hungry” … 3:58
9. “The One That Got Away” … 3:21
10. “Salvation” … 4:36
11. “I Am the Spider/Epilogue” … 5:21

Alice Cooper – Vocals
Kerri Kelli – Guitar
Jason Hook – Guitar
Chuck Garric – Bass
Eric Singer – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Slash – Guitar on “Vengeance Is Mine”
Calico Cooper – Spoken World Vocal on “The One That Got Away”
Danny Saber – Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Greg Hampton – Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Bernard Fowler – Background Vocals
David Piribauer – Drums
Whitney Kirst – Guitar
Steffen Presley – B3 Organ

Produced by: Greg Hampton, Danny Saber and Alice Cooper

Much like the Coop’s two previous albums, (The Eyes of Alice Cooper and Dirty Diamonds) I find Along Came a Spider to be a good album, but not a blowaway. It is a bit heavier than the last two, but I long for the hair metal Trash/Hey Stoopid era Alice and this is still a bit too much garage rock for me to really love it.

“Vengeance is Mine” is a really good driving hard rock song though and features Slash on guitar. “Wake the Dead” is kinda weird and 70s-ish, but it has grown on me a lot and Ozzy Osbourne had a hand in co-writing it. “Killed By Love” is a really good ballad and I think it’s become my favorite song from this album. I’ve read that Ozzy does backing vocals and/or harmonica on “Wake the Dead”, but the booklet doesn’t confirm that in the credits for that song unless it’s listed somewhere else. It does seem silly for Alice and Ozzy to write a song together but not duet. Wasted potential.

Speaking of the booklet and packaging itself, it’s nice to see Alice on SPV and away from Eagle Rock because they packaging job Eagle did for Eyes and Diamonds seemed cheap, IMO. There’s a nice slick look here with tons of evil imagery inside the booklet with a very Rob Zombie-esque feel. The “spider blade” is absolutely awesome and the final image of Alice, excuse me, “Spider” on the lyrics page for “I Am the Spider” is especially wicked.

This is definitely a solid effort overall and I think old school Alice fans will enjoy it.

Highlights: “Vengeance Is Mine”, “Wake the Dead”, “Catch Me If You Can”, “Killed By Love”, “The One That Got Away”, “Salvation”

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  1. I am waiting for that cool mid80s, early 90s ALICE COOPER sound to come back too. The last okay album from AC was BRUTAL PLANET(even if some of those industrial sounds sucks, still the song writing is very good). EYES OF ALICE COOPER for exemple was to punk rock and DIRTY DIAMONDS to ROLLING STONES.

  2. You forgot to post the link to download.

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