MOTLEY CRUE – Greatest Hits

Motley Crue – Greatest Hits (1998, Motley Records/Beyond Music)

Track Listing:
1. “Bitter Pill” … 4:26
2. “Enslaved” … 4:32
3. “Girls, Girls, Girls” … 4:30
4. “Kickstart My Heart” … 4:43
5. “Wild Side” … 4:40
6. “Glitter” [Remix] … 4:30
7. “Dr. Feelgood” … 4:50
8. “Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)” … 4:12
9. “Home Sweet Home” … 3:55
10. “Afraid” … 4:08
11. “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” … 4:40
12. “Without You” … 4:29
13. “Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room” … 3:22
14. “Primal Scream” … 4:44
15. “Too Fast for Love” … 3:22
16. “Looks That Kill” … 4:07
17. “Shout at the Devil” … 3:42

This is Motley’s 2nd compilation, coming 7 years after Decade of Decadence. And do you want to know what got me to buy this album? The World Wrestling Federation! That’s right! Motley did a live performance on WWF TV (on either Monday Night Raw or Sunday Night Heat) and WWF was pushing this album hard for them. WWF also debuted supposed Motley Crue “bodyguard” Test at the same time and tied it into this.

I seem to remember this era for Motley being hyped as a return to form for them (despite the fact that they were only promoting their past). We had the original members, but Generation Swine bombed with it’s experimental modern sound, so they put out a greatest hits and recorded two new songs to prove to the world they could still rock ‘n’ roll!

The two news songs, “Enslaved” and “Bitter Pill”, are pretty good, IMO, and wouldn’t sound out of place on Dr. Feelgood. They won’t go down as all-time Motley classics, but I still liked’em alot back in the day and I still do. The remix of “Glitter” is my preferred take over the original version from Generation Swine. All in all, a solid greatest hits (though it ignores the 1994 album), but I’m a stickler for greatest hits compilations going in chronological order and this one is all over the place. I always thought the cover was pretty cool though.

If you want a grew overview of Motley though, go with Red, White & Crue. I plan on upgrading to that one at some point because it covers more songs, features the two new songs found here, AND includes 3 other new songs.

Highlights: Um… It’s a greatest hits compilation.


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