MOTLEY CRUE – Motley Crue

Motley Crue – Motley Crue (1994, Elektra Records; 1999, Motley Records/Beyond Music)

Track Listing:
1. “Power to the Music” … 5:12
2. “Uncle Jack” … 5:28
3. “Hooligan’s Holiday” … 5:51
4. “Misunderstood” … 6:53
5. “Love Shine” … 2:36
6. “Poison Apples” … 3:40
7. “Hammered” … 5:15
8. “Til Death Do Us Part” … 6:03
9. “Welcome to the Numb” … 5:18
10. “Smoke the Sky” … 3:36
11. “Droppin Like Flies” … 6:26
12. “Driftaway” … 4:05
13. “Hypnotized” [Previously Unreleased] … 5:29
14. “Babykills” [Previously Unreleased] … 5:26
15. “Livin’ in the Know” [Previously Unreleased] … 4:23

John Corabi – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Mick Mars – Guitar, Bass, Sitar, Mandolin
Nikki Sixx – Bass, Piano
Tommy Lee – Drums, Piano

Produced by: Bob Rock

Misunderstood. It’s the name of a song on this album and that very same word could be used to sum up the album as a whole. When I first bought this, when it was reissued, I didn’t like it at all. The only track that stood out to me was “Hooligan’s Holiday”, and the rest just seemed like a totally calculated “let’s join the grunge/alternative bandwagon” move. I wasn’t in the mindset to listen to a more experimental Motley. I wanted sleaze and decadence.

Looking back, I like this album alot. John Corabi is a great vocalist and his voice fits the more serious and dark sound of the album. I definitely couldn’t see him fitting typical Motley sound and I’m glad they didn’t even try. If you took the band’s name away from this album, I think it would’ve sold better and been better reviewed. This would’ve been a nice side project for Nikki, Mick and Tommy while they tried to patch things up with Vince, but since they went ahead and said this was the new Crue, it backfired on them big time. So they had to go back and get Vince in the band again anyway!

There’s no big sing along choruses here, but what they produced is good alternative hard rock and even if this wasn’t the best idea from a marketing standpoint, I gotta respect Motley for going in a totally different direction with a totally different singer when they could’ve just called it quits or found a Vince clone.

Highlights: “Power to the Music”, “Uncle Jack”, “Hooligan’s Holiday”, “Misunderstood”, “Til Death Do Us Part”, “Welcome to the Numb”, “Smoke the Sky”, “Driftaway”

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  1. Good blog! I’m on a Motley Crue binge myself, so it is good to see I’m not the only one! and its funny, i was just listening to this album when I stumbled onto your blog, lol, talk about timing. Driftaway may well be one of my favorite Crue songs, even though I have to admit it took me a long time to warm up to this album. Oh well, I found it eventually!!

    Rock On!


  2. I caught the Crue from the 10th row last week at Jones Beach and they blew the place up. They still got it!

  3. gearsofrock, awesome! My seats aren’t that good, but I’ve been told there’s really not a bad seat in the house where I’m going to see them play.

  4. The problem just wasn’t the split with Vince, it was also the 2-3 yrs away from the scene and that scene had changed. Vince Neil IS the sound of Motley Crue, most lead singers are the sound that makes each band distinct, so changing singers didn’t help. Corabi is solid and the album rocks but when you put it up against the best with Vince it pales in comparison.

    I always said that if they could have held it together with Vince, released an album in 1992/93, they could have continued their success and the genre’s. Vince released EXPOSED IN ’93 and had 2 hits/videos so I think he won the battle.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  5. Yeah, I was just thinking that a few days ago that solo Vince beat out Vince-less Motley in the early 90s. 😀

    Too true about taking the time off. Happened to a lot of the big 80s acts, they stepped away for too long, and the game had changed when it was time to release an album and tour again.

    I always hate to say a lead singer is irreplaceable, but yeah, I kinda agree in this instance.

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