What Dreams May Come…

Last night I had a dream about Metallica searching for a new singer. This whole lead singer search was being filmed as a documentary. James was still in the band, but for some reason, they just wanted someone else to sing the songs.

Bret Michaels jammed with them as part of the auditions and did a pretty darn good job. They weren’t playing thrash, but it was still heavy metal and the new song had a pretty cool groove and was very catchy. Bret was doing a great job on the vocals with a rapid fire delivery. A Bret Michaels fronted Metallica sounded great, but after he left the auditions, Lars & James were talking about how they didn’t think he fit the band’s image.

Also mentioned by Lars & James to have auditioned (but not seen in the dream) were none other than Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley! I think, possibly, Aerosmith as a whole auditioned for the lead singer spot as well, but that’s kinda hazy.

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  1. Crazy dream lol

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