MEGADETH – United Abominations

Megadeth – United Abominations (2007, Roadrunner Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Sleepwalker” – 5:53
2. “Washington Is Next!” – 5:19
3. “Never Walk Alone…A Call to Arms” – 3:54
4. “United Abominations” – 5:35
5. “Gears of War” – 4:25
6. “Blessed Are the Dead” – 4:02
7. “Play for Blood” – 3:49
8. “À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free)” – 4:11
9. “Amerikhastan” – 3:43
10. “You’re Dead” – 3:18
11. “Burnt Ice” – 3:47

Dave Mustaine – Vocals, Guitar
Glen Drover – Guitar
James Lomenzo – Bass
Shawn Drover – Drums

Additional Musicians:
Cristina Scabbia – Vocals on “À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free)”
Axel Mackenrot – Keyboards

Produced by:Dave Mustaine, Jeff Balding and Andy Sneap

Megadeth has been on quite a roll in this decade (besides that short disbandment!). Dave just keeps going and going and going with this band and that’s a great thing. A lot of people seem to have issues with Dave, but he’s one of my favorite rockers and he’s still delivering great music with every release. Heck, even what is considered Megadeth’s worst album (Risk), I found enjoyable to some extent.

United Abominations is the closest take on early Megadeth since, well, early Megadeth! What Dave started with The World Needs A Hero and The System Has Failed has gone even further here. To be honest, it took me a few listens to really get into this album because I’m not a big fan of the early Megadeth sound. Outside few a few songs from each album, I never really got into it. I’ve always enjoyed their 90s hard rock/metal sound over their 80s heavy/thrash/speed metal sound.

This is definitely their heaviest album since Rest In Peace and I’ve come to enjoy it a lot and in fact, it’s one of my favorite Megadeth albums now. There’s a few songs that don’t do much for me (“Burnt Ice”, “You’re Dead”), but I don’t find them horrible. “Play for Blood” and “Gears of War” are hands down my favorite tracks here. “Gears of War” seems to be in the same mass appeal heavy metal style as “Symphony of Destruction”. The remake of “A Tout le Monde”, featuring Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia, isn’t so bad either, although a bit unecessary, IMO. I prefer the guitars from the original version.

Highlights: “Washington is Next!”, “United Abominations”, “Gears of War”, “Play for Blood”, “Amerikhastan”

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