MEGADETH – Cryptic Writings

Megadeth – Cyptic Writings (1997, Capitol Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Trust” – 5:11
2. “Almost Honest” – 4:03
3. “Use the Man” – 4:36
4. “Mastermind” – 3:45
5. “The Disintegrators” – 2:50
6. “I’ll Get Even” – 4:24
7. “Sin” – 3:06
8. “A Secret Place” – 5:25
9. “Have Cool, Will Travel” – 3:25
10. “She-Wolf” – 3:38
11. “Vortex” – 3:35
12. “FFF” – 2:38

Dave Mustaine – Vocals, Guitar
Marty Friedman – Guitar
David Ellefson – Bass
Nick Menzo – Drums

Produced by: Dann Huff & Dave Mustaine

I picked this one up used at a pawnshop years ago alongside Youthanasia, spending less than $10 total. This album continued the more melodic & commercial nature of the band that had started with Countdown to Extinction and was expanded even more on Youthanasia. Personally, while Megadeth put out some good songs during the 80s, I’m not a huge fan of those albums as whole and I practically never play them, but I do play Megadeth’s 90s-current albums often. I just think Dave Mustaine is better at writing hard rock & commercial metal than he is at writing speed/thrash metal, although there’s certainly some good heavy metal to be found here. Some of my favorite Megadeth songs are here (“Trust”, “Almost Honest”, “I’ll Get Even”) and “A Secret Place” is probably my favorite Megadeth song of all.

“Trust” is a great tune and it makes me think of the old Extreme Championship Wrestling back when they’d use the intro on their syndicated show during their house show promos.

Highlights: “Trust”, “Almost Honest”, “Mastermind”, “The Disintegrators”, “I’ll Get Even”, “Sin”, “A Secret Place”, “Vortex”

Lowlights: “Use the Man”


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  1. First, a fellow ECW fan? My buddies and I used to go to the house shows an hour away in Walpole, MA at the old IBEW Union Hall! I still have my Beulah t-shirt and my FBI autographed shirt. I was there the night they one the tag title in Walpole and then lost it immeadiately to the Dudleys.

    On to the album…..
    Another big comeback record, especially here in RI because the local Rock station played ‘Trust’, ‘Almost Honest’, ‘She-Wolf’, & ‘A Secret Place’ like crazy. They also made three videos and that helped the record go Gold quick. It was more Hard Rock than Metal but I think Cryptic put Megadeth back on the Metal map and now look at them! They are more Metal than arch rivals Metallica now and they are well-respected in the industry. I pull this one out from time to time but I’m an old school fan, I prefer Peace Sells…. or Rust In Peace.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  2. It is really so, but some aspects are missed or disputable.

  3. I had to put this one back in my playlist today. According to ITunes, I haven’t listened to this one since November 07. Yikes.

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