GREAT WHITE – Back to the Rhythm

Great White – Back to the Rhythm (2007, Shrapnel Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Back to the Rhythm” – 4:14
2. “Here Goes My Head Again” – 4:30
3. “Take Me Down” – 4:32
4. “Play On” – 3:54
5. “Was It the Night?” – 5:20
6. “I’m Alive” – 5:22
7. “Still Hungry” – 5:02
8. “Standin’ on the Edge” – 4:06
9. “How Far Is Heaven?” – 4:51
10. “Neighborhood” – 4:32
11. “Cold World” – 5:12
12. “Just Yesterday” – 4:40

Jack Russell – Vocals
Mark Kendall – Guitar
Michael Lardie – Guitar
Sean McNabb – Bass
Audie Desbrow – Drums

Produced by: Michael Lardie

8 years, various personnel changes, band break ups, and the tragic Station Fire. That’s what happened between Back to the Rhythm and Great White’s last effort Can’t Get There from Here. There’s no John Kalodner, no major label, and the band has (mostly) been left to their own devices for writing the songs. The results? A great Great White record that’s even better than the somewhat “calculated” Can’t Get There From Here.

I was pleasantly surprised by this release, the album starts off strong with the title track, which is arguably the best on the album and one of Great White’s best songs as well, IMO. “Play On” sounds like a holdover from Can’t Get There from Here, which isn’t surprising because it was co-written by Jack Blades, who produced and had a heavy hand in writing songs for Can’t Get There from Here. “Was It the Night?” is classic Great White, starting mid-tempo, then rocking out. “Here Goes My Head Again” is very catchy and “Cold World” has a bit of a modern hard rock sound to it and it works.

Jack Russell is one of the best voices to come out the 80s scene, and it’s still strong here. I’m really glad these guys were able to pull themselves back together and weren’t content to be just a nostalgia act playing summer fairs because they’ve still got the juice and this was one of 2007’s best releases.

Highlights: “Back to the Rhythm”, “Here Goes My Head Again”, “Play On”, “Was It the Night?”, “I’m Alive”, “Still Hungry”, “Cold World”, “Just Yesterday”


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