GREAT WHITE – Can’t Get There From Here

Great White – Can’t Get There From Here (1999, Portrait Records/Sony Music Entertainment)

Track Listing:
1. “Rollin’ Stoned” – 4:09
2. “Ain’t No Shame” – 4:19
3. “Silent Night” – 4:50
4. “Saint Lorraine” – 4:05
5. “In the Tradition” – 2:59
6. “Freedom Song” – 4:36
7. “Gone to the Dogs” – 2:42
8. “Wooden Jesus” – 4:24
9. “Sister Mary” – 4:55
10. “Loveless Age” – 5:23
11. “Psychedelic Hurricane” – 4:15
12. “Hey Mister” – 5:08

Jack Russell – Vocals
Mark Kendall – Guitar
Michael Lardie – Guitar
Sean McNabb – Bass
Audie Desbrow – Drums

Additional Backing Vocals: Jack Blades

Produced by: Jack Blades, Don Dokken (co-producing “Psychedelic Hurricane” only)

Great White is one of the more underrated bands from the hair era and this album proves it. Great White is a band that should’ve been bigger than they were during their commercial peak and they got a second crack at being that when John Kalodner was given a label by Columbia/Sony and signed them up along with Ratt. Kalodner (and Great White, I’m sure!) were looking to repeat Kalodner’s success with Aerosmith from the 80s, but despite a really strong record, it just didn’t work commercially. I do remember “Rollin’ Stoned” getting airplay on the local radio station though and to my surprise, I recently read it even went to #8 on the Billboard Rock charts at the time.

The album is a bit mellow and laidback with most of the album being mid-tempo. The sound is a bit more, dare I say, “mature”, and the band only really lets loose on “Gone to the Dogs”, but the whole album is still just good ol’ rock & roll. “Loveless Age” is classic Great White.

The album cover is one of my absolute favorites. It’s reminds me of Lisa Frank!

Highlights: “Rollin’ Stoned”, “Ain’t No Shame”, “Silent Night”, “In the Tradition”, “Loveless Age”


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  1. Not sure about #8 but it did debut high on the Rock charts the first week it came out. Bands were cashing in big on reunions (thank you KISS!) and Portrait was reborn by legendary A&R guru John Kalodner. With that kind of influence, a band could debut out of nowhere. I remember at the time Portrait had Ratt, Damn Yankees, Great White, Night Ranger and another old hair band signed (Cinderella?) but the only ones to have any success was Great White. ‘Rollin’ Stoned’ got airplay in RI, so did ‘Wooden Jesus’.

    I picked up the Japanese version first because of the bonus track ‘The Good Die Young’ and about 2 weeks later I grabbed the U.S. version for $6 used.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  2. Yeah, I believe Cinderella was one of the acts. For some reason I was thinking were the only veteran acts Great White & Ratt signed (I think industrial/nu-metal band Union Underground was also signed).

    Cinderella never got around to releasing anything under Portrait, did they?

  3. One of the best GW cd ever. I dig it.

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