DEF LEPPARD – Euphoria

Def Leppard – Euphoria (1999, Mercury Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Demolition Man” – 3:24
2. “Promises” – 3:59
3. “Back in Your Face” – 3:20
4. “Goodbye” – 3:36
5. “All Night” – 3:38
6. “Paper Sun” – 5:27
7. “It’s Only Love” – 4:06
8. “21st Century Sha la la la Girl” – 4:06
9. “To Be Alive” – 3:53
10. “Disintegrate” – 2:51
11. “Guilty” – 3:47
12. “Day After Day” – 4:36
13. “Kings of Oblivion” – 4:18

Joe Elliott – Lead vocals
Phil Collen – Guitar, vocals
Vivian Campbell – Guitar, vocals
Rick “Sav” Savage – Bass, vocals
Rick Allen – Drums

Addition Musicians:
Ciaran McGoldrick, Gary Sullivan, Ricky Warwick – hey’s and claps on “Back in Your Face”
Mutt Lange – additional vocals on “Promises” and “All Night”, additional guitar on “All Night”
Damon “Demon” Hill – end guitar solo on “Demolition Man”

Produced by: Def Leppard & Pete Woodroffe

For my money, this is the last great Def Leppard album. It was a return to their typical sound (which can ONLY be described as “the Def Leppard sound”) after an attempt at being modern & 90s on 1996’s Slang. I remember being so hyped up for this album, “Promises” is one of my favorite DL songs and it was played a lot on the radio by the local rock station where I was living, which surprised me because they give zero support to any of the so-called “80s bands” whenever they release something new and tend to only focus on 70s, grunge, and current bands.

I think “Promises” was the only single this album had that was actually successful, but it did the job because Euphoria went Gold. Imagine that, Def Leppard going GOLD in the United States in 1999: the age of rap-metal and nu-metal. It’s a long way from Pyromania sales figures, but was still great considering the musical climate then.

I enjoyed the album enough. “Promises” is classic Def Leppard and “Goodbye”, “It’s Only Love” and “To Be Alive” are great ballads, but it just didn’t stand up to Pyromania or even Hysteria like Def Leppard was practically guaranteeing it would. I guess I had my hopes up for it thinking it was really going to rock out, and while while many songs do that, there’s a lot of mid-tempo and balladry to be found here. So initially, my disappointment outweighed the quality.

Don’t get me wrong though, this is still a great album. Years later, while on a family trip to Disney World, this was one of the CDs I brought along for the 8 hour car ride. I listened to the whole thing on my discman and was blown away by just how good it really was from top to bottom. There’s really no a single bad track on the album. This is a great companion piece to Pyromania and Hysteria and in 1999, it was an incredibly refreshing sound and I was happy that these guys made a successful comeback on their own terms.

I would rank this #3 in DL’s catalog right behind The Big Two.

Highlights: “Demolition Man”, “Promises”, “Goodbye”, “All Night”, “Paper Sun”, “It’s Only Love”, “To Be Alive”, “Guilty”, “Day After Day”

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  1. I’m driving from RI to Burgettstown, PA for the first Poison reunion tour back in ’99 and, somewhere in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, the local DJ spins “…the new Def Leppard single….Promises”. I’ll never forget that because my buddy and I were on our way to a cool ’80s show and ‘Promises’ just sounded like it was 10 years younger.

    EUPHORIA is a great record, one of my faves from Def Lep. I like every song on the album and I agree that ‘To Be Alive’ is a great ballad. ‘Demolition Man’ is a great opener and I thought they ended the album well with ‘Kings Of Oblivion’. Start it on a high note, end it on a high note, and keep the middle full of solid tracks: ‘Paper Sun’, ‘Guilty’, ‘Back In Your Face’ ( a song that I thought was a HUGE statement because they were back!).

    When you see the band live now, they have animation on the video screens of all the albums…..they always skip EUPHORIA, it drives me bat-shit!

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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