STEPHEN PEARCY – Social Intercourse

Stephen Pearcy – Social Intercourse (2002, Top Fuel Records/Triple X Records)

Track Listing:
1. “I Gotta Be Me” – 2:28
2. “Can’t Ever Get Enough” – 2:59
3. “Freak” – 3:35
4. “In Like Pink” – 3:06
5. “Ya Gotta Love That” – 2:29
6. “In the Corner” – 2:38
7. “Turn It Upside Down” – 3:48
8. “Live to Die” – 2:04
9. “Ya Talkin’ to Me” – 2:57
10. “Five Fingers” – 3:22
11. “Rock Kandy” – 2:31

Stephen Pearcy – Vocals, Guitar
Frank Willsey – Guitar
Mark Zavon – Guitar
Matt Thorne – Bass
Brian Burwell – Drums

Produced by: Stephen Pearcy

Now THIS is a good Stephen Pearcy solo effort. I talked about his second release Fueler already, now let’s talk about the first one. This album is more in line with what you might expect from Pearcy– melodic hard rock that doesn’t stray too far from Ratt, although the songs are a bit heavier at times. “Can’t Ever Get Enough” displays the Ratt influence perfectly. It’s a great rock song and definitely the best song on the album.

Ratt fans would probably enjoy this CD a lot more than Fueler.

Highlights: “Can’t Ever Get Enough”, “Freak”, “In Like Pink”, “Ya Gotta Love That”, “Turn It Upside Down”

Lowlights: “In the Corner”, “Five Fingers” (signs of things to come from Fueler)


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