SCORPIONS – Face the Heat

Scorpions – Face the Heat (1993, Mercury/Polygram Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Alien Nation” – 5:44
2. “No Pain, No Gain” – 3:55
3. “Someone to Touch” – 4:28
4. “Under the Same Sun” – 4:52
5. “Unholy Alliance” – 5:16
6. “Woman” – 5:56
7. “Hate to Be Nice” – 4:30
8. “Taxman Woman” – 4:30
9. “Ship of Fools” – 4:15
10. “Nightmare Avenue” – 3:54
11. “Lonely Nights” – 4:44

Klaus Meine – Vocals
Rudolf Schenker – Guitars
Matthias Jabs – Guitars
Ralph Rieckermann – Bass
John Webster – Keyboards
Herman Rarebell – Drums

Additional keyboards by Luke Herzog

Produced by: Scorpions and Bruce Fairbairn

For some reason, I was thinking this album sucked. I bought it used a few years ago, along with Pure Instinct, and I guess I let my opinions for that album carry over to this one. This is a really good album. I remember liking “Alien Nation”, but I didn’t think the rest was anything special, but boy am I wrong. I won’t say this album is classic Scorpions, but it retains that 80s Scorpions sound with a slight update and turns out some really good rockers. It’s heavier than their previous album, Crazy World, which was great, but very pop-metal, IMO.

“Someone to Touch” is probably my favorite song here, but “Lonely Nights” is another great haunting Scorpions power ballad. Overall, this album is very underrated and any fan of the band could probably find at least a few redeeming songs.

A cover of Elvis Presley’s “Marie’s the Name (His Latest Flame)” is a hidden track.

Highlights: “Alien Nation”, “No Pain, No Gain”, “Someone to Touch”, “Unholy Alliance”, “Ship of Fools”, “Lonely Nights”


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  1. I bought this when it came out. ’93 was a weird time because music was changing (Grunge/Alternative) but labels still had money sunk into bands like the Scorpions. I remember ‘Alien Nation’ getting a lot of airplay here in RI and the band toured. Unfortunately, arena rock was out so they played small venues — July 5, 1994 they played the Rocky Point Palladium at the Rocky Point Amusement Park. I didn’t get to go but I remember the radio ads for it.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  2. Sorry, forgot to add that this album was definitely heavier than Crazy World (1991) and there was some backlash because of the immense popularity of ‘Wind Of Change’. Imagine that…..’91 & ’92 you have the biggest single in the world and, by ’93/’94, you’re considered has beens. Thank god the band kept going.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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