Stephen Pearcy – Fueler (2005, Top Fuel Records/Cleopatra Records)

Track Listing:
1. “Overdrive” – 2:32
2. “Kill Kitty” – 2:43
3. “That Sick Thing” – 2:04
4. “Godsmack” – 2:58
5. “Drive with Me” – 2:46
6. “Spy vs. Spy” – 3:01
7. “Young and the Damned” – 3:02
8. “Dream Machine” – 2:13
9. “Gamblers & Thieves” – 3:20
10. “Sinomatic” – 3:30
11. “Round & Round XXX” – 4:34  

Stephen Pearcy – Vocals (D’uh!)
Mark Zavon – Guitar
Erik Ferentinos – Guitar
Troy Johnson – Bass
Rich Contadino – Drums

Produced by: Stephen Pearcy

I bought this album probably waaaaaaaaaaay back in 2006 (alongside Pearcy’s 1st solo CD Social Intercourse) because I love Ratt. I think they’re one of the most underrated bands of their era. So, I wanted to see what “The Voice of Ratt” could do on his own… Not much.

I was looking online to see what others think and there seems to be two camps of opinion for this album. The first camp says, “it sucks”. The second camp says, “it’s great”. Count me as a member of Camp #1.

I just CANNOT get into this album. The production is very poor and it’s just heavy noise to me. Pearcy makes no attempt whatsoever to continue with the Ratt sound or any type of melodic hard rock at all. It’s just a bunch of industrial/alternative/nu-metal sludge. I’ve seen lots of comments saying “if you’re a Ratt fan, check this out!”

Well, I say, if you’re a Ratt fan, please ignore this release. There’s only one redeeming song here: “Gamblers & Thieves”. Pearcy covers himself with “Round and Round XXX”. I don’t know why the “XXX” is there, but whatever. The original “Round and Round” is a great song, and it is played pretty straight here, but the production on the song is so horrible (it totally muffles the guitars) that I can’t even give THAT a pass.

Highlights: “Gamblers & Thieves”

Lowlights: The rest of the album

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  1. I haven’t bought a Pearcy solo record yet but I have been interested in them for awhile. I love Ratt, I have all the Arcade records, Vertex, & Vicious Delite but I never got around to “Stephen Pearcy”. The guy is putting out a lot of material lately, mostly via download.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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