Guns N’ Roses – GN’R Lies (1989, Geffen Records)

1. “Reckless Life” [3:20]
2. “Nice Boys” [3:03]
3. “Move to the City” [3:42]
4. “Mama Kin” [3:57]
5. “Patience” [5:56]
6. “Used to Love Her” [3:13]
7. “You’re Crazy” [4:10]
8. “One in a Million” [6:10]

Axl Rose – Vocals
Slash – Guitars
Izzy Stradlin – Guitars
Duff McKagan – Bass
Steven Adler – Drums

Features the infamous “One in a Million” track, which gained Axl and the band tons of negative publicity. I don’t believe the band has ever attempted to play it live (and rightfully so). At this point, I don’t even think Axl will even talk about the song, because he got so tired of having to defend it and himself. It’s actually a really good song musically and one of the best on the album.

I think the public’s reaction was blown out of proportion. If you actually listen to Axl’s explanation, you’ll see what he means in the song. I think he went about the wrong way with how he puts it across in the lyrics, but I understand what he was *trying* to say and I don’t believe he’s racist or homophobic. Besides, the words he used are nothing that you don’t hear in rap songs everyday. The only exception is that a white male said it this time and that’s why, I think, everyone got upset about it.

There’s a stellar version of “You’re Crazy” here, which was originally on Appetite for Destruction, but the acoustic version here is actually the original version of the song (and the superior version as well). And of course, the classic “Patience” is here as well.

GN’R Lies was a decent effort, combining a supposed “live” EP plus four brand new acoustic songs. It’s really only the acoustic songs that stand out to me. The first four tracks are missing something, although “Reckless Life” shows a bit of spark.

Highlights: “Patience”, “Used to Love Her”, “You’re Crazy”, “One in a Million” (yes, I’m going there)

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  1. This is one of the albums that defined my junior year in high school. We played the shit out of this album everywhere. No surprise because GnR was huge at the time.

    Years later, I can do without ‘Patience’ but the rest of the acoustic songs are great. I agree with you on ‘One In A Million’, compare it to today’s Rap songs and it’s pretty tame.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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