POISON – Flesh & Blood

Poison – Flesh & Blood (1990/2006, Capitol Records)

1. “Strange Days of Uncle Jack” [1:40]
2. “Valley of Lost Souls” [3:58]
3. “(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice” [4:40]
4. “Swampjuice (Soul-O)” [1:25]
5. “Unskinny Bop” [3:48]
6. “Let It Play” [4:21]
7. “Life Goes On” [4:47]
8. “Come Hell or High Water” [5:02]
9. “Ride the Wind” [3:51]
10. “Don’t Give up an Inch” [3:43]
11. “Something to Believe In” [5:28]
12. “Ball and Chain” [4:23]
13. “Life Loves a Tragedy” [5:14]
14. “Poor Boy Blues” [5:19]
15. “Something to Believe In” [Acoustic Version] [6:01]
16. “God Save The Queen” [Instrumental Demo] [2:48]

I should point out that while this album was originally released in 1990, it was also remastered and reissued in 2006 by Capitol Records, with the addition of two b-sides, in order to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary. The remastered version is the version I own.

Poison was one the first bands I remember being introduced to that got me into the whole “hair metal” scene. A friend of mine owned Greatest Hits 1986-1996 when it initially came out and I borrowed it. I was hooked and had to go score my own copy. Since then, Poison’s been one of my favorite bands.

Funny thing is, I actually never owned this album until a year ago when I picked up the reissue. Most of Poison’s albums have been really good, but I was blown away at just how this one was. They still rock & party on this album, but their sound is a lot more professional here. The musicianship is better and so is the production thanks to Bruce Fairbairn, who produced AC/DC’s The Razor’s Edge (my favorite AC/DC album) and Aerosmith’s Permanent Vacation and Pump.

No, this is not the definitive Poison album (I think that award goes to Open Up and Say… Ahh!), but this is my personal favorite from the band.

Highlights: “Strange Days of Uncle Jack” (cool intro), “Valley of Lost Souls”, “(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice”, “Swampjuice (Soul-O)” (instrumental that sounds like something from Cinderella), “Unskinny Bop”, “Life Goes On”, “Ride the Wind”, “Something to Believe In”

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  1. I gotta ask how old you are because I figure you’ve got to be young if your first intro to Poison was the Greatest Hits record!

    I was there when Poison was shopping demos and getting live gig reviews in zines so you just knew back then that they would be big. I was there from Look What The Cat Dragged In (1986) and Poison went from nothing to Hard Rock heavyweights in no time.

    The thing about Poison albums is that there is a lot of filler surrounding 3 or 4 singles. As far as Flesh & Blood goes, it was a good album but it had a lot of initial momentum from ‘Unskinny Bop’ (awful song!) and ‘Something To Believe In’ (overplayed!). Those were two huge hits but ‘Ride The Wind’ and ‘(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice’ were not only minor hits but they had more staying power and get huge ovations when the band plays live.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

  2. I’m 26 years young! Yep, I’m a young fool reppin’ the old school.

    Of course, I know *of* Poison and all their hits, I had just never owned any of their albums before ’96.

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