DIRTY LOOKS – Cool from the Wire

Dirty Looks – Cool from the Wire (1988, Atlantic Records)

Track Listing:
1 “Cool from the Wire” (3:34)
2 “It’s Not the Way You Rock” (3:49)
3 “Can’t Take My Eyes off of You” (3:22)
4 “Oh Ruby” (4:07)
5 “Tokyo” (3:06)
6 “Wastin’ My Time” (3:32)
7 “Put a Spell on You” (3:49)
8 “No Brains Child” (3:53)
9 “Get It Right” (4:17)
10 “It’s a Bitch” (4:26)
11 “Get Off” (3:26)

Henrik Ostergaard – Vocals, Guitar
Paul Lidel – Lead Guitar
Jack Pyers – Bass
Gene Barnett – Drums

I haven’t heard ALL of Dirty Looks’ albums (regrettably, Turn of the Screw keeps giving me the slip), but out of what I’ve heard, this is their finest work and I think most DL fans would agree with me. A co-worker tipped me off to this band a few years back, he kept talking about how awesome their album was (he owned it on cassette when it was originally released) and said that “Oh Ruby” was a classic rock track. Well, a quick search at CDUniverse.com and I plunked my money down to order the darn thing. I haven’t regretted it, this is a great album and probably one of my favorites of all-time.

There’s a sleazy AC/DC vibe going here in the music and especially in Henrik’s vocals. Granted, many bands had that sleazy AC/DC style in the 80s, but this band does it best and doesn’t come off like an AC/DC clone at all. Dirty Looks should’ve been huge in the 80s.

“Oh Ruby” is definitely the highlight of the album for me and is the type of rocker that really gets the blood flowing. I can only imagine how great this song must’ve played in concert, it would’ve been awesome show opener.

Highlights: The whole album. Seriously. It’s that good.

Lowlights: None.

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